Balloon Decor

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A Few Examples of Balloon Décor.

3-Up, 5-Up, 7-Up
These simple yet eye-catching arrangements can draw attention to specific areas.
All you do is place them either side of your focal items, be it the food table at a function, or your newest product.
With our special treatment these arrangements will still look good up to a week later!

balloon centre piece
Highlight the Table!

Old Mutual Balloon Arch
Air Arch
Air Arches
Nothing will draw your visitors in like a balloon arch at your entrance.
Colour-coordinated with your theme or corporate identity, it will instantly create an upbeat atmosphere and entice visitors to take a closer look.
How long do you want it for? 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks?
Tell us how long you need it for and we will ensure that your balloon arch continues to look its best by regularly replacing any balloons that may have gone flat.
Balloon Flowers
Decorative and delightful. Place them around a room to give the venue a pleasant vibratoin.
Gently moving in the natural air flow of any room they enhance the atmosphere.
With speical treatment these flowers will continue to "bloom" for up to a week!

Balloon Flowers Crazy Daisy balloons








Balloon Flowers

Balloon Frame Picture
Balloon Frame Picture
Balloon Frames
We make any shape frame and decorate it with balloons to match your theme. We have even made a 5m tall AIDS ribbon balloon frame for DTV. We also produced this 4 metre lon by 1.8 metre high balloon frame picture for PwC.
A balloon frame will emphasize what you are saying to your guests or visitors.
We make frames ranging in size from about 1.5m to larger than 5m high. This ensures that your balloon frame is seen easily, even in large venues.
Want it to stay looking fresh for weeks? Let us know how long you need it for and we will regularly replace any flat balloons.
Balloon Graland
Frame a stage or display area with a garland of balloons and you will transform it into a new place.
We give profressional, experienced advice on what will work best for your needs.
If you need the garland for weeks, then let us know up front and we will keep it looking good by regularly replacing any flat balloons.

Geo Bloosom
Geo Blossoms are flower-shaped balloons that add variety to your decorations.
They are particularly great for giving a spring, or summer feel to the venue.

geo blossom balloons
Geo Blossom Flowers
Helium Arch Helium Arch
Helium Arch
Helium filled balloon arches are another excelent way to draw attention to an area.
Colour-coordinated with your theme, it will instantly create an upbeat atmosphere and entice visitors to take a closer look, or encourage your guests on to the dance floor.
With our special treatment helium filled balloon arches will still look good up to a week later!

When there is no room for an arch and you need to draw attention to something, (such as an entrance, or product) then balloon pillars are what you need.
These air filled columns of delight will look attractive for at least a week.
If you need the balloon pillars for longer than a week then let us know upfront and we will regularly replace any flat balloons.

Smiley Pillar
Smiley Pillar
Pillar Lights
Add a glowing ambiance to your function with an illuminated 3 foot balloon at the top of a balloon pillar.
Especially effective at evening functions, pillar lights are an elegant way to enhance your décor.

Balloon light pillar
Pillar Light

Topiary balloons Topiaries
Elegant, Decorative and Beautiful, Topiaries add a touch of class to your special occasion.
Use small topiaries as table centre pieces, and large topiaries to line an entrance walk way.
Our topiaries are always finished to perfection so that your event looks polished and dignified wile retaining a feastive mood.