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Laughing like Donald Duck

I'm sure most of us have sucked back a quick inhale from a helium balloon and had a good laugh. Sounding like Donald Duck or the Chipmunks is enough to make anyone crack up. What is it about helium that makes us sound so funny?

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Why not try something different with your group of friends? You've done the wine tasting evenings so now try this! 9 easy steps to hosting a great chocolate tasting evening!

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Disney is possibly the most famous of all companies ever created. People of all ages love the movies and are inspired by the wonders of Disn
ey World. But where did it all start?

"I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse."
(Walt Disney)

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St. Patrick's Day

17th of March is a day we all know to be St. Patrick's day. Parades of green, loud music and dancing all make the day exciting and full of fun. But why do we celebrate this day with such joy? Who is
St. Patrick really?

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heart_picWe hope you find this article diverting and useful. We have put a short history of Valentine's day followed by some really great and unique ideas for a different approach to enjoying this day with that special someone.

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